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Andersen Alumni on the Move

+ Follow us on our LinkedIn Company Page for the latest information on fellow alumni on the move. Below is a list of Alumni that made recent career moves. If you have recently changed jobs and would like to share your good news with other Alumni, please email details to Admin@andersenalumni.com Please wish these Alumni best in their new ventures.

Lisa Mayr

Eugene Cavanaugh

Marshall Yellin

Joe Haehner

Jim Kirkpatrick

Mike Teall

Leo Greenstein

Michael Neborak

Shaun Nugent

Kim Kesler

Alec H. King

Mike Culhane

Ryan Benton

Mark Livingston

Richard Hozik

Lynne Sullivan

Brian Swartz

Michael Sheridan

Jason Rose

Kevin Hodges

Alpana Wegner

Mike Monahan

Pam Bentley

Jeff Ackerman

Jeffrey Cook

Jon Billington

Iser Cukierman

John Gay